Conduits Of Change

Our Story

Who is Conduits Of Change?

Conduits Of Change is a nonprofit organization with its federal 501(c)(3) status. Our goal is to assist individuals and families to become self-sufficient and provide them with the necessary tools to navigate the waters of life. By utilizing our Six Principles of Prosperity and core beliefs that govern them, families and individuals can move forward with skills in every area of life. The Six Principles of Prosperity are designed to affect the whole life of the person and open the individual to a new reality and way of life.

There are two main areas that we are currently assisting in: homelessness and low-income. By providing our friends in the homeless community with clothing, shoes, food, and hygiene products, we remind them of the dignity that they were born with. As we grow, the goal is to provide a place to shower, wash clothes, temporary shelter, and any other resources that are needed for them to prosper. Our services in the low-income community, mainly housing apartments, are aimed at changing one family, one apartment at a time.

Our Why:

We exist to remind every person we encounter and engage with, that they are Created In God’s Image. This is the philosophy we live by, and it is also our guiding factor when we come along side and Do Life with those we serve.

Our Mission:

To come along side individuals and families to provide aid, relief, intentional skill sets, resources, spiritual care, and hope for the future.

Our Vision:

To transform communities and neighborhoods into places where everyone knows their dignity and worth, which is their God given right. 

Six Principles for Prosperity:

Support Systems:

We value establishing positive, encouraging, and compassionate support systems to undergird the lives of those we serve

Awareness & Advocacy:

We value bringing awareness & advocating for those we serve

Mentorship & Accountability:

We value mentoring & providing accountability in the lives of those we serve

Strong Leadership:

We value developing strong leaders who are always learning for our team and among those we serve

Harnessing Health:

We believe in assisting those we serve with the necessary tools to harness a healthy lifestyle (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually).

Saturated in the Sacred:

We believe that it is vital to saturate oneself in the Source of all that is sacred. That source is God. It is putting on a new set of lenses and learning to view the world from His perspective. –Foundational Principle

Core Governing Beliefs: